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Saturday, 13 February 2010


We are so very small, no matter how you look at it we are insignificant. There are more galaxies in the universe than raindrops in the heaviest monsoon and more brightly burning suns than we have the neurons to imagine. The universe has existed for an incomprehensible length of time, if Everest stood for all time past our existence would have no more height than a coin placed on the summit, our size is tiny and our existence transient, yet we think and talk as if we hold the planets's destiny in our hands, that we can alter the climate or the level of the seas. In our greed and over-population we have brought about the extinction of many of this planets creatures and before we are done many more will go, including ourselves; only an irrational optimist would believe that we will not. Even if we do not bring about our own demise we will become extinct naturally in a relatively short time.

Then another Everest of time will unfold until the sun's life is done the world grows cold and any life left is ended. Should some superior space faring agency then come along and find this dead cinder interesting, they could look in vain through its geological pages for evidence of our existence and find nothing.

All that saves us from being nothing is that we can know this, we may not be able to imagine so many stars or so many years, but we know how old the universe is and we know how big it is, and we understand our very small place in it, or at least some of us do. That so many do not is perhaps the major cause of many of today’s problems. Much of mankind today suffers from a lack of perspective, of humility or any understanding of our place in the scheme of things.

Anyone who believes in AGW without having taken a serious look at the evidence cannot convincingly argue that they have not been brainwashed. Can you?

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