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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Why I do This.

An item that appeared in a number of National newspapers this week and is now all over the Internet claims that ‘Global Warming’ has solved a territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh.

Example. 'An ongoing territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh has been resolved, South Talpatti Island (a/k/a New Moore Island) a ‘rock’ island in the Bay of Bengal has disappeared under the waves as sea levels rise due to Global Warming'.

On the face of it his would seem to be pretty conclusive proof that indeed sea levels are rising and Global Warming may be true after all.

However, after a little research what did I find? Well the key word in this particular bit of disinformation is ‘rock ‘. Because ‘Moore Island’ and a number of other islands in that part of the Bay of Bengal are actually sand banks that were thrown up during a particularly severe cyclone forty years ago. High enough to support some vegetation and big enough in area to be of limited use, both governments laid claim to them, but of course being made of sand they are -not unlike the Global Warming theory itself- gradually being eroded away over time

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