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Monday, 5 April 2010

You Can Fool Some of the People

As there are only ever a few acres of intellectual high ground it would seem to follow that the more people that believe something the less likely it is to be true. I have therefore, never believed anything anyone told me, particularly if it was important and might affect me. So I am very heartened to learn that ‘Nullius in Verba’, the motto of the prestigious ‘Royal Society’, is usually translated as ‘on the word of no one’. A statement that underlines the independent authority that empirical evidence bestows on science; knowledge about the material world should be based on experimental evidence rather than preconceived ideas, or what the political establishment or majority believe.

Man made climate change has become a political and social crusade that is setting out a framework for how we should be governed and how we should live, this is important stuff and for many it has become a surrogate religion and a spiritual quest. For them it offers liberation from first world guilt, a position of moral superiority and the illusion that they understand some science. What it also and much more dangerously offers is a rationale for government to radically increase its supervision of our lives and our choices. This is not new, governments have always striven to do this but the uniform of AGW so readily and comfortably fits the credulous that harnessed to the power of 21st century media it is fast becoming the most powerful and controlling doctrine in history.

A cynical but powerful minority have realised that it does not actually matter if the theory is correct, all you have to do is put a distorting mirror up to ‘natural climate change’ make it look un-stoppable, blame us for it and you’ve got the net and the trident. It has everything, hooks that dramatic (but quite normal) weather events can be hung on, new pictures every summer of glaciers and the arctic ice melting, causal links to almost every human activity, (particularly if they are fun) and is an imminent and looming threat to the entire future of mankind.

Abraham Lincoln said "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. This of course is not quite true because you can never fool ‘all’ the people, and in any case in a democracy you don’t have to, all you need to do is ‘fool some of the people some of the time’ just enough to get you a majority when you need it. It would seem that at the moment the warmists have it all their own way, but it might not always be so.

So far they do not control the Internet, so for the time being at least there is a place where you, I, anyone, can speak out and look for the truth. It only takes the slightest tremor to start an avalanche and if we keep having these snowy winters who knows how or who will start it.

Anyone who believes in AGW without taking a serious look at the evidence cannot convincingly argue that they have not been brainwashed. Can you?


  1. Godfrey you are right. What really worries me as I read various discussions and talk to people about these issues is the degree to which Climate Change and particularly certain aspects of it such as wind generated power which will 'reduce our carbon footprint' have now entered the realm of a Faith. Indeed you may have seen recently that a person working for a particular organisation in GB recently took his employers to court over unfair dismissal as they did not allow him to pursue his 'belief in climate change' in which he tried to push the company to undertake energy audits etc and they resisted. He won on the basis that the Judge considered his beliefs to be a 'faith' and that it was therefore discrimination to actively prevent him from pushing this policy.
    Of course if you install carbon dioxide as an evil (rather like the devil) and green energy/recycling etc as a god then you dont need any proof of their existance or effectiveness - indeed you might say that most faiths are based upon the fact that actual proof of existance could well destroy the faith (how can you continue to have 'faith' if its proved - it then becomes a 'fact' and the whole psycology fo the worship, prayer and hopefully good works, is based upon believing something which you cant know!) - that apparantly rational folk have moved carbon dioxide to this status is deeply concerning, and only goes to prove the point that you can fool most of the people most of the time.

  2. Agree with the above. One should only consider the way in which any researcher who does not subscribe to manmade global warming goes unfunded; why those who offer a counter opinion (seen David Bellamy on TV lately?; talk to Patrick Moore about it) are sidelined; why serious research such as the Danish investigation into the effects of altered levels of solar and cosmic ray activity has been ridiculed;why Al Gore managed to reverse the CO2 to temperature effect(statistics show temperature trends have risen ahead of CO2 increases and why he ignored the Maunder Minimum. While there is no doubt we could be a lot more careful with our Planetary gift, there is good evidence that global warming is due much more to natural cycles than to the activities of mankind. Dare to question the gospel. Russ